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Our Values

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    Specialized for You : with continuous efforts in research and development, wide range of our products find their ways in various areas on the planet, we offer the best fitting products wherever you are farming, specialized for you

    Satisfactory to You : we meet our customers through our seeds, and providing seeds of quality is our promise with you, our seeds will remain satisfactory to you

    Sustainable with You : we respect the nature of agriculture, we are moving even slowly with you as we believe our way is the right way, our agriculture is truly valued when it is staying sustainable with you

    371 Chilbo-ro, Cheongan-myeon, Goesan-gun, Chungbuk 367-833 R.O.KOREA
    Tel: (+82) 43 836 3514 / Fax: (+82) 43 836 3515
    E-mail: joeunseeds@joeunseeds.com