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Round early maturity

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  • fast ball 이미지

    Fast Ball

    Extra early maturing cabbage for fresh market. Definitely the 1st maturing cabbage in your area wherever you are. 0.8~1 kilo head with bright green color looks attactive enough to be choosen by consumers. Best in high dense planting.

    Apollo 이미지


    Early maturing cabbage with flavor of sweetness. Grows stably under low temperature condition due to strong root system. Fresh Green colored head is always favored by farmers and consumers. 1.2~1.5kg in weight.

    Venus 11 이미지

    Venus 11

    Early matuirng compact cabbage with small outer leaves. recommended for dense planting. Heads grow to 1.4~1.6kg after 55~60 days from transplant.

    Ellora 이미지


    Healthy small cabbage with wide adaptability. First recommendation in the areas of black rot infested. Rather vigorous outer leaves and strong root system protect heads from unfovorable environmental factors-heat, excess of water etc. 1.5~1.8kg in weight.

    Ace Ball 이미지

    Ace Ball

    Recommended for growers who prefer early but big head cabbage. 1.5~2.0kg head of bright green color can be harvested at 65 days from transplant.

    Forte 9 이미지

    Forte 9

    Dark green colored, compact, stout cabbage. Round compact head with dark green outer leaves. Stable head forming under high temperature. Relatively small frame, suitable for dense planting. Matures at 58 days after transplant. 1.2~1.5kg in weight.

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